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The Atlas of Hawaiian Watersheds & Their Aquatic Resources will be six printed volumes covering the five major high islands in the Southeastern Hawaiian Islands, including Kauai (1 volume), Oahu (1), Molokai (1), Maui (1), and Hawaii (2).

The volumes in the series are based on the repository of information contained within the Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) Aquatic Surveys Database. The database was developed from data collected during many years of surveys and from publications on Hawaiian stream animals for the purpose of “monitoring, assessing, managing, and protecting the freshwater aquatic resources of the State of Hawaii.”

None of the volumes is to be regarded as a final report because stream surveys and research on aquatic animals in Hawaii are continuing. As additional data are added to the database, printed versions of the Atlas will be updated and reissued. In the interim, readers are directed to DAR’s websites for current information:



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