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Key to Methods - Historic Rankings and Decision Rules


Historic Rankings: Indicates whether the watershed had been ranked to be of special quality in previously published reports. The historic rankings include:

• National Park Service (1982) Nationwide Rivers Inventory. Streams considered for potential Wild and Scenic River status,

• The Nature Conservancy (1985) “Priority Aquatic Sites” for biodiversity conservation,

• U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (1988) list of “High Quality” streams,

• Hawai'i Cooperative Park Service Unit (1990) Hawaiÿi Stream Assessment. Streams rated as Outstanding, and

• M.A.P.S. - Multi-Attribute Prioritization of Streams Project (Uyeno 1998). Streams rated as Potential Heritage Streams.

Current DAR Decision Rule Status: The decision rule status reflects a yes or no assessment of the watershed for certain specific traits. The presence of these traits (a yes answer) is considered a good attribute of the watershed and the stream.



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