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The Atlas of Hawaiian Watersheds & Their Aquatic Resources is a product of the DAR Aquatic Surveys database and was produced collaboratively by the authors and is not part of any contract. Over the years, since its initial inception in as the Hawaii Division of Fish and Game and now the Division of Aquatic Resources, division biologists and technicians have collected information and data on streams throughout the State which was first compiled into the DAR Aquatic Surveys database in July 1991.

We thank the following individuals and organizations for assistance in preparing this and other volumes of the Watershed Atlas:

Division of Aquatic Resources, Department of Land and Natural Resources – Lance Nishiura, Tim Shindo, Troy Shimoda, Troy Sakihara, John Kahiapo, Momi Wheeler, Wade Ishikawa, Mark Sueyasu, William Puleloa, Mike Yamamoto, Annette Tagawa, Jason Leonard, Rodney Young, Paul Murakawa, Glenn Cambra, Eric Wong, and Jason Misaki

Bishop Museum – Tracie Mackenzie and Neal Evenhuis

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for funding through the Sport Fish Restoration Program

Commission on Water Resource Management staff for providing support and assistance in DAR database development and stream surveys – Yvonne Izu, Ernest Lau, Dean Nakano, Ken Kawahara, Edwin Sakoda, Dean Uyeno, Tiffany Mathias

University of Tampa – Mark McRae and Lori Benson

St. Cloud University – Heiko Schoenfuss and Matthew Julius

Southeast Louisiana University – William Font

University of Michigan – Eric Benbow

University of Hawaii/Hilo – Marjorie Hale-Fishman in the assistance in DAR Aquatic Surveys database development and training

National Park Service – Hawaii Stream Assessment

Department of Health – Watson Okubo and Roland Asakura who assisted DAR staff in the collection of point quadrat survey data from Pelekunu Valley

The Nature Conservancy staff on Molokai – Edwin Misaki, Tina Lau, Stephanie Loo, Brian Naeole, and others who provided access and assisted DAR staff in the collection of point quadrat data from Pelekunu Valley

State Parks, DLNR – Martha Yent for providing access and support in surveys and larval trapping

Honolulu Board of Water Supply – Barry Usegawa assisted in providing access to watersheds under their management

Office of Planning, Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) – Joan M. Delos Santos for her indispensable help and consultation time in providing an explanation of the State’s Geographical Information System and for assistance in supporting DAR stream coverages

Kaipo Faris and Don Knight, who assisted in stream access and volunteered in collecting data during point quadrat surveys

John and Charlie Reppun, who assisted in stream access during DAR point quadrat surveys and larval trapping

We are especially grateful to the elders (kupuna) and all the community residents on the neighbor islands statewide for their generous assistance by providing access to the streams included in our surveys.



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